Custom Wedding Cake Toppers, completely personalised to you and to your wedding day. Carefully packaged and sent to you, anywhere in the world.

Why choose Lucy to make your cake topper/Sculpture?

Before Lucy ventured into the world of Art and clay sculpture, she worked in the hospitality industry for 20 years, after graduating from Robert Gordon University with a BA in Hospitality Management. This means that right from before she even left school, she has always been in a customer facing environment. Particularly in the Wedding field, knowing how to organise and run a wedding and also work closely with brides to make their dream wedding with as minimal stress as possible. She is also married herself, so has first hand knowledge of how stressful getting married can be.

In order to run a successful business, it is important to get all of the different aspects just right. Lucy's customers are the most important part for her, without them, there would be no Lucy's Toppers.

Lucy treats every single customer with care and commitment in order to make them feel as confident as possible with the choice they have made to purchase from her.

Lucy's response time is normally very good. It is normally kept to under 15 minutes, however, she does sleep and go away, so these times is may be a little longer.

Choosing Lucy will be a confident choice that she will look after you from the original enquiry, right through til after your wedding day with a complimentary repair service for life.

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